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29 Sep 2021

Is Information Everything?

Center for Science Writings

Astrobiologist Caleb Scharf, director of the Astrobiology Center at Columbia University, is a leader in the quest to find extraterrestrial life. In this upcoming Center for Science Writings talk, he will discuss the theme of his acclaimed new book, “The Ascent of Information,” which argues that the fundamental stuff of reality is not matter but information. Lee Billings of Scientific American says that Scharf presents “a transformative new way of looking at our increasingly data-driven existence.”

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About the Center for Science Writings

Launched in 2005 within the College of Arts and Letters, the Center for Science Writings draws attention to science communications, books and blogs capturing the public's attention. Prominent writers, be they journalists, scientists, engineers, philosophers or scholars, come to deliver free, public lectures about science-related issues each and every semester.

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