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22 Mar 2017
Kidde 228

The Human Digital Orchestra: An "Experiment in Arts & Technology" Production Revealed

“The Shannon Effect”, a collaborative research project with Stevens and Nokia Bell Labs

A collaborative research project between Stevens Institute of Technology and Nokia Bell Labs exploring the creation of an innovative performance system where theatrical sound, lighting, and projection mapping is autonomously controlled through input modalities captured by Nokia Bell Labs’ Human Digital Orchestra from the actual performers on stage and the audience in the venue. "The Shannon Effect" performance is considered a proof of concept of the system designs.

Rob Harari has versatility in the field of audio and music with alternating roles as a music producer, educator, composer, sound designer, audio engineer, and musician. Over a 30-year career in music, Harari has been fortunate enough to work on multiple Grammy nominated albums, Emmy Award winning programming for children educational content on PBS. Harari formalized his teaching role in the Fall 2005 as an Industry Associate Professor for the Music and Technology Department at Stevens Institute of Technology. Most recently as the first artist to collaborate with Bell Labs since the 1960’s as part of Experiments in Arts and Technology (E.A.T.), Harari authored and produced “The Shannon Effect”, a celebration of Claude E Shannon, the father of Information Theory.

Paul Albin Wilford is a senior director and leads a team of video and audio researchers at Bell Labs. They were responsible for creating the coding and broadcast standard for HDTV. They received an Emmy for this work, and launched a new business venture. Paul has over 30 patents and technical publications in the areas of video coding, broadcast TV, satellite media delivery and mobile video networking. He is responsible for several university collaborations. Current research interests are compressive sensing for media understanding, video analytics, sonification and multi-presence. Paul is working on virtual reality and relishes its connection to the fantasy that he is a good tennis player.

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