Hugo Neu Corporation Sustainability Seminar Series: The Reality of Green Infrastructure Implementation for a More Resilient Future

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Department of Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering

Speaker: Adriana Herrera


Resiliency is the ability to prepare for changing conditions, resist or withstand stressors, and recover positively from excess strain. Green infrastructure (GI), also called Nature Based Solutions, aims to enhance resiliency and reduce risk through natural interventions in urban areas by adjusting our approach to water management. GI can help to reduce flood risks, prepare for drought, reduce urban “heat island” effects, and protect coasts. Across the globe, GI is becoming an increasingly frequent response to increased storm events, sea level rise, and higher rainfall volumes. However, despite the call for nature-based solutions, the reality of integrated system design between “green” and “grey” infrastructure balances the novelty of concept design with the reality of planning and construction. This session will discuss a practical understanding of the enablers and barriers to the implementation of green infrastructure, how to design for an integrated approach considering a variety of stakeholders, and to better understand future trends.


Adriana Herrera

Adriana Herrera is a water resource engineer and an Engineer in Training (EIT) with over 6 years of engineering project experience in the consulting industry. Adriana has comprehensive experience of hydrology and hydraulic studies, designing stormwater best management practices and supporting dam rehabilitation projects. Adriana also has extensive project experience on maintaining and operating groundwater sampling programs and designing and implementing remediation systems. She is an alumna of Stevens Institute of Technology, graduating with her BE in Environmental Engineering in 2016 and her ME in Environmental Engineering in 2021.


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