Hugo Neu Corporation Sustainability Seminar Series: Navigating the Sustainability and Green Careers Landscape

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Department of Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering

Speaker: Pamela C. Sammarco
CEO & Founder, Green Training Associates LLC


There is a tidal wave of economic, environmental, and social changes that offers possibilities for constantly evolving categories of careers. How can you build bridges to position yourself to take advantage of the next wave of green, sustainability and STEM opportunities that will help you obtain your dream job? What is the current state of Sustainability Careers? Pam will answer this question with a view from 14 years monitoring careers, along with recent statistics, job trends, and employer expectations. Pam will describe Green Training Associates’ Sustainability Career Solutions Blueprint. This circular model offers a core tenet of systems-thinking to serve the Circular Economy. The model shows that all stakeholders are surrounded with five supporting systems of curriculum, policy, research, campus culture and community relations. Career opportunities exist in every sector, and every vertical industry across many sustainability disciplines. What is your dream career?


Pamela Sammarco

Pam Sammarco, CEO, founded Green Training Associates LLC in 2009 as a full-service Talent Development Firm. We develop people’s capabilities to solve business challenges and build sustainable organizations. We accelerate business growth through Training, Talent and Leadership Development, Coaching, Mentoring, and Career Path Solutions. Pam is a trusted advisor for our clients’ talent development priorities, helping people and businesses thrive and perform at their highest potential. She empowers you with confidence, capabilities, and credibility for your lifelong success. Corporate expertise in Leadership, Workforce & Business Strategy, Team Management, Communication, Personal Strength, Sales Skills, and Sustainability. Pam, a 1992 Stevens Institute of Technology graduate - M.S. Applied Psychology, has a prior 24-year corporate career for global companies: Citigroup, American Express, Lucent Technologies-Bell Labs Innovations, Medco Health Solutions.


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