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26 Oct 2021
Virtual Event - Link Below

Hugo Neu Corporation Sustainability Seminar Series: Low Carbon Concrete

Department of Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering


Historically, the focus for greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction in the building and infrastructure industry has been on the operational emissions of an asset; that is, the emissions that come from everyday use throughout its useful life. However, opportunities are starting to be uncovered to significantly reduce carbon emissions before the useful life even begins- through strategies as simple as adjusting the mix design of the concrete.


John Kalajian is an Engineer with the Port Authority of NY & NJ where he is currently overseeing the construction for the $1.2 billion “Restore the George” program at the George Washington Bridge. John completed his undergraduate degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Rhode Island and his graduate degrees in Sustainability Management and Business Administration at Stevens Institute of Technology. Concurrent with his full-time job, he sits as the Sr. Director of Sustainability Strategies for the UNA USA NNJ chapter, where the primary focus is to help local towns and cities align their current sustainability initiatives with the UN SDGs. John is also the Co-Founder of a small business in Rhode Island which aims to provide affordable music and art education to students of all backgrounds and demographics.

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