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16 Nov 2021
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Hugo Neu Corporation Sustainability Seminar Series: Life Cycle Assessment: A Practitioner’s Perspective

Department of Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering

photo of Hong Jin


Life cycle assessment (LCA) is the primary methodology that supports ISO standards for carbon footprint analysis, IPCC greenhouse gas inventories, climate change related energy policies and regulations, environmental product declaration, and more recently circular economy and plastic neutral. The science behind the LCA methodology is still evolving and the practice of LCA principles is critical for the value of information derived from the LCA results.


Dr. Hong Jin has over thirteen years of oil and gas industry experience, working for firms including ConocoPhillips, Phillips 66, and Chevron. She is an expert on life cycle assessment and GHG modelling, and has extensive experiences working with stakeholders on issues related to sustainable development, climate change regulatory advocacy and compliance, process optimization and efficiency improvement. Dr. Jin is the Section Editor for the LCA Section of the Elsevier Encyclopedia of Sustainable Technologies. She has participated in DOE-led USDRIVE program to evaluate lifecycle carbon footprint of various transportation pathways. Dr. Jin served as a technical reviewer for the 2011 National Petroleum Council (NPC) study on “Future Transportation Fuels” requested by former Energy Secretary, Dr. Steven Chu. Dr. Jin holds a doctoral degree on chemical reaction engineering and a master’s degree on enhanced oil recovery at University of Kansas.

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