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12 Apr 2022
Virtual Event

Hugo Neu Corporation Sustainability Seminar Series: Developing a Strategy to Meet Water Sustainability Goals

Department of Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering


Recent shifts in sustainability have enhanced the need for companies to develop new aggressive water sustainability goals. Implementation of these goals pose difficult execution challenges. The process of establishing appropriate goals, developing a plan to execute them, and preparing a method for tracking and reporting progress can be challenging. Having worked through all phases of this process, we will discuss what it means to make a water sustainability commitment. Once these commitments are made, an inferred financial backing must be executed on the project’s objective and timeline. We will explore methods for identifying, prioritizing, and selecting projects that best suit an organization’s sustainability commitment and operational objectives. An upfront investment must often be made even though the sustainability results cannot be measured for 12 to 24 months. The way a company presents progress on its goals and return on investment is critical to the program’s success. Various methods for presenting this data will be evaluated to justify the investment both fiscally and from a project planning perspective.


Ted Douglass leads the Brown and Caldwell Private Sector Enterprise – Water Stewardship and Resilience Initiative. In this role he works with clients in multiple industries (food and beverage, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and chemical) to develop strategies for achieving water stewardship commitments. As a certified Envision Sustainability Professional (EnvSP) he is experienced in water resources, environmental compliance, project/program management, and helping clients solve national, regional and local sustainability issues. In addition, he has managed and performed multiple water-related planning projects during his 20-year career that have incorporated risk evaluations as part of the program development process facilitating sound capital prioritization and planning programs.

M.B.A., Northwest Nazarene University, 2013
M.S., Environmental Science, University of Idaho, 2005

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