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22 Sep 2020
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Hugo Neu Corporation Sustainability Seminar Series: "Collaboration and Circularity: Systems Level Solutions for Sustainable Packaging"

Department of Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering

Alyssa Harding, Operations and Packaging Collaborative Director, OSC2

The Hugo Neu Corporation Sustainability Seminar Series is a weekly lecture hosting 12 speakers and 6 panelists in the Fall 2020 semester.

by Alyssa Harding, Operations and Packaging Collaborative Director, OSC2 


Sustainability management is a shared problem that requires shared solutions. In fact, collaboration is at the heart of a resilient business model, and in order to reach a regenerative future we need to focus on collective impact and scaling market-driven sustainability solutions. Students will hear about how multiple stakeholders are working together to create solutions for problem materials, innovate more sustainable products and systems and advocate for local and international change.


Alyssa Harding is currently the Operations and Packaging Collaborative Director at OSC2, a nonprofit focused on aggregating the work of mission-driven company leaders to solve the natural products industry's most pressing social and environmental issues. Her work focuses on community building and scaling market-driven compostable packaging solutions. Previously, Alyssa was the Executive Director of the Sustainable Food Trade Association, a nonprofit trade group focused on the development of sustainable business models in the organic sector. She has an educational foundation in agricultural ecology from the University of Florida, a Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility from CU Boulder, a pending Master's degree in Environmental Policy from the University of Denver, and a strong personal mission to drive institutional change through sustainability. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for both Naturally Boulder and the Climate Collaborative, and has published articles with PowerHouse Growers, educating readers about food security and sustainable agricultural solutions.


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