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29 Mar 2022
Virtual Event

Hugo Neu Corporation Sustainability Seminar Series: Accelerating Product Sustainability in Traditional Organizations

Department of Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering

Jim Jenkins


Meaningful product sustainability improvement requires knowledge, initiative, and the leadership mindset to think beyond a traditional job focus and area of expertise. Understanding and applying sustainability principles, frameworks and protocols in your role will add a new dimension to making a difference for the better.

This presentation will give you an overview of product-focused sustainability application in the fertilizer value chain, illustrating some of the thinking, tools, and approaches you could leverage to accelerate progress in your own roles.


Jim Jenkins is the Product Risk and Stewardship leader for a global fertilizer producer and agricultural inputs provider, overseeing the application and integration of sustainability principles to improve product stewardship practices. He is passionate about building highly performing teams and accelerating the rate of sustainability adoption in organizations, with specific interests in product foot printing, ESG reporting, green chemistry, and circular economy.

Jim completed his Bachelor’s and Master of Science in chemistry at Dalhousie University (Nova Scotia), his Doctor of Philosophy in chemistry at the University of Alberta and is an accredited Sustainability Excellence Associate.

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