Hugo Neu Corporation Sustainability Seminar: Mitigating the Effects of Climate Change on Environmental Justice Communities

wind farm

Department of Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering

Speaker: Nicole Miller, Principal, MnM Consulting


Our overburdened frontline communities, often black, brown and/or indigenous populations in both urban and rural settings, are more likely than not to be the first to suffer the effects of climate change, including stronger storms and extreme temperatures. Added to this are the cumulative effects of poorly managed infrastructure, a legacy of industrial toxicity, exclusionary land use policies and social stigma and prejudice. The result is polluted air, water and land that burdens these communities with poor health effects, learning and behavioral disorders, economic stagnation and a vulnerability to environmental harms. There are tools and resources that can be employed to help environmental justice communities adapt and respond to the rapidly shifting climate, such as energy efficiency measures, distributed energy networks, green stormwater infrastructure, water reuse and reclamation and more. How are these options characterized in environmental justice communities? How can under-resourced communities best evaluate their choices and fund necessary upgrades and installations? Despite the plethora of options, there are just as many obstacles preventing these solutions from being deployed. 


Headshot of Nicole Miller wearing a head wrap

Nicole Miller is a parent, business owner and advocate who lives in Newark, NJ. Principal of MnM Consulting, Nicole specializes in media development, digital and print publishing, brand strategy, content creation, and clean energy/sustainability education for business and general audiences. Nicole is a member of the Newark Environmental Commission advising the Mayor and City Council on sustainability issues, Chair of the Newark Green Team, Co-Chair of Newark DIG (Doing Infrastructure Green) dedicated to resilient and sustainable municipal stormwater management, Co-Chair of the Jersey Water Works Steering Committee, a statewide coalition focused on improving NJ’s aging water infrastructure, Vice-Chair of the NJ Progressive Equitable Energy Coalition (NJPEEC), a member of Clean Energy Action Now (CLEAN) and Clean Energy Jobs coalitions. Nicole is currently serving as a member of the Governor’s Building Electrification Workgroup and the BPU Energy Efficiency Workforce Development Working Group. Nicole has a B.A. from the University of Washington and an M.S. from Pace University.  




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