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23 Mar 2017
Fielding Room, Wesley J. Howe Center, 3rd Floor

How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love VC's

Stevens Venture Center Speaker Series

The Stevens Venture Center Speaker Series presents Ray Thek, Esq., Partner and Vice-Chair, Tech Group at Lowenstein Sandler. Innovation is “the engine behind 10,000 years of human development,” and Ray’s contribution is to help keep that engine fueled.  Innovation is not Ray’s only passion, it certainly is the one that drives his career.  Ray Thek is a lawyer who focuses on financings and exits for companies whose core assets are intellectual property. He works with start-ups, growth companies and investors to help finance and monetize technology and innovation.  Ray works with investors to spot companies at their earliest stage; often when there’s nothing but an entrepreneur with a bright idea. He then advises investors and founders on every facet of business development and financing.  Ray is co-founder of the FirstGrowthVC accelerator; co-founder and COO of the GrapeArborVC angel investor group; and an Executive Committee member of the AngelVineVC networking program.  Ray is an avid reader of classic literature, an “insane, maniacal hockey fan” and has been to Gettysburg seven times.

Pizza will be served.

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