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7 Jul 2020

The Heat Mystery of Low-Dimensional Nanodevices

PSEG-Stevens Energy Innovation Webinar Series

Stevens is dedicated to addressing challenging issues in energy and sustainability. In the PSEG-Stevens Energy Innovation Webinar Series, multidisciplinary research on energy and sustainability will be presented to broaden the knowledge of the Stevens community about the sustainable energy future. Topics include energy storage, solar energy harvesting, biomass conversion, thermal energy nanodevices, power management systems, energy infrastructures, smart cities and energy finance. Webinars will be presented via Zoom on Tuesdays from 2-2:50 p.m. (except for the July 14 presentation): 


  • Tuesday, June 9, 2-2:50 p.m.: Jae Kim (CEMS) —Battery 101: How Can You Make Your Cell Phone Battery Last Longer? 
  • Tuesday, June 16, 2-2:50 p.m.: Somayeh Moazeni (SB) — Transactive Energy: Markets for Flexible Distributed Energy Resources
  • Tuesday, June 23, 2-2:50 p.m.: Lei Wu (ECE) — Interdependency of Gas and Electricity Infrastructures for Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Security
  • Tuesday, June 30, 2-2:50 p.m.: Stephanie Lee (CEMS) — Reimagining Solar Panels
  • Tuesday, July 7, 2-2:50 p.m.: Annie Zhang (ME) — The Heat Mystery of Low-Dimensional Nanodevices
  • Tuesday, July 14, 12-12:50 p.m.: Ricardo Collado (SB) — Resilient Resource Allocation on the Grid
  • Tuesday, July 21, 2-2:50 p.m..: Philip Odonkor (SSE) — Making Dumb Homes Smarter
  • Tuesday, July 28, 2-2:50 p.m.: Nick Parziale (ME) — Corn Stalks to Oil: Biomass to Bio-oil Conversion

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