"Generational Diversity: Dynamic Connections for Workplace Effectiveness" facilitated by Pam Sammarco

Headshot of Pam Sammarco

You already encounter generational diversity in your daily life:  family, university life and the workplace. At times, we use our lens of life experience to communicate which may cause confusion, disruptions, interruptions, and conflict. And, at work, these differences also interrupt productivity, impact processes and cultural disharmony. Perhaps, you feel frustrated that your voice is not being heard at home, college and work. Each generation is shaped by its unique experiences growing up and its members’ diverse ideas about what they want in their work lives and personal lives. These differences affect how they interact with each other and judge each other’s behavior and performance. Bring your curiosity and a growth mindset to explore the nature of these gaps, and what to do about them. Discover ways to improve connecting on similarities, and collaboration. This workshop opens your thinking and behavior to not only embrace differences in generational behavior but learn to leverage the strengths of each generation quite well.

Pam Sammarco advises organizations on how to drive sustainable performance. She excels in Life Sciences, Sustainability and Technology industries for STEM professional development. Pam also mentors young professionals on careers and other professional endeavors to enable their career future and life success. She holds a B.A. in psychology from Douglas College, Rutgers University and obtained her M.S. in applied (industrial/organizational) psychology from Stevens Institute of Technology.