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11 Sep 2020
Zoom Event

Forum on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Schaefer School of Engineering and Science Virtual Research Forum

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The Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering and Science is pleased to launch a weekly Virtual Research Forum to share our exciting research breakthroughs in six pillar areas and foster cross-disciplinary collaboration. Each weekly forum features three highly accomplished faculty speakers from multiple departments within the Schaefer School.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Speakers

Samantha Kleinberg

Dr. Samantha Kleinberg

Department of Computer Science

Artificial Intelligence to Improve Doctor–Patient Collaborations

About Samantha Kleinberg Research Highlights Not Available
Yue Ning

Dr. Yue Ning

Department of Computer Science

Transparency, Interpretability, and Fairness in AI for Decision Making, Social Science, and Healthcare

About Yue Ning
Rita Sousa

Dr. Rita Sousa

Department of Civil, Environmental, & Ocean Engineering

Study of Geomechanics of the Subsurface for Resilient and Sustainable Subsurface Infrastructure Using AI and ML

About Rita Sousa

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