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27 May 2020
Virtual lecture

Flattening The Curve, Limiting The Pain

Course of Acton: Effective Leadership in Times of Crisis

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The main response to viral pandemic is to flatten the curve — but doing so effectively might require repeated economic shutdowns, a strategy that would send the global economy into recession. This talk will explore what we can learn for the future in terms of economic planning, both domestically and internationally.

About the speaker

Ying WuDr. Ying Wu is an assistant professor at the School of Business at Stevens. An expert in international finance, especially asset pricing and liquidity risk, her work has been featured in some of the most selective academic journals, including the Journal of Finance and Quantitative Analysis and the Journal of Empirical Finance.

About the series 

In Course of Action, thought leaders from the School of Business at Stevens will share their insights on how to manage complex challenges during this time of great uncertainty. This weekly series of 20-minute talks is designed to give students, alumni and professionals practical insights that you can immediately apply at work. For maximum convenience to professionals working remotely, registrants will receive a link to each recording when it goes live that can be watched at any time. More:

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