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2 Dec 2021
Virtual Zoom Event

Financial Engineering Seminar Series: A Theory of FinTech

Presented by Dr. Steven Kou

Graphic showing stock prices data visualization.

In this talk I will give a brief overview of current academic research on finTech by using tools from mathematics and statistics. The topics to be discussed include: (1) Designing stable coins: how to design stable cryptocurrency by using option pricing theory. (2) P2P equity financing: how to design contracts suitable for a P2P equity financing platform with information asymmetry. (3) Data privacy preservation: how to do econometrics based on the encrypted data while still preserving privacy. (4) The wisdom of the crowd and prediction markets: how to use the collective opinion of a group to make predictions. All the above 4 topics are based on my recent papers.

About the presenter: Dr. Steven Kou

Steven Kou is a questrom professor in management and professor of finance at Boston University. He teaches courses on finTech and quantitative finance. Currently he is a co-area-editor for operations research and a co-editor for digital finance and has served on editorial boards of many journals, such as Management Science, Mathematics of Operations Research, and Mathematical Finance. He is a fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics and won the Erlang Prize from INFORMS in 2002. Some of his research results have been incorporated into standard MBA textbooks.

About this series

The Financial Engineering Seminar Series is a recurring event featuring thought leaders from industry and academia, who bring their experiences to a variety of important topics in this discipline. 

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