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26 Oct 2021
Virtual Event

Embracing Nonlinearity and Evading Noise in Micro-Electro-Mechanical Resonators

Department of Mechanical Engineering

photo of Steve Shaw

Due to inclimate weather, this meeting is now virtual.

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Vibrating elements with features on the scale of microns are essential components of sensing and time-keeping devices used in smart phones, computers, automobiles, and aircraft. These tiny resonators operate in the radio frequency range with extremely light damping and their characteristics make them highly susceptible to nonlinearities and noise, both of which limit their performance. This presentation will focus on the dynamic response of these systems and describe how modeling and predictive analysis can play an important role in suggesting means of enhancing their functionality.


This work is supported by grants from the NSF and the BSF and is carried out in close collaboration with theory groups led by Mark Dykman at Michigan State University and Oriel Shoshoni at Ben Gurion University and experimental groups led by Tom Kenny at Stanford University, Dave Czaplewski at Argonne National Labs, and Philip Feng at the University of Florida.


Steve Shaw is Harris Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Florida Institute of Technology and University Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering and Adjunct Professor of Physics at Michigan State University. He received his PhD in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics from Cornell University (1983) and an MS in Applied Mechanics (1979) and an AB in Physics (1978) from the University of Michigan. He has held visiting appointments at Cornell, Minnesota, Michigan, Caltech, UCSB, and McGill. His research focuses on the understanding and utilization of nonlinear behavior in engineering systems with current emphases on nonlinearity and noise in small scale resonators and the dynamics of torsional vibration absorbers. Steve is an ASME Fellow and recipient of several awards, notably the Hess, Myklestad, and Caughey Awards from ASME.

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