Electrical and Computer Engineering Professional Development Workshop

Photo of networking reception with the New Your City skyline in the background.

Hosted by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Looking to gain knowledge and enhance your career skills within the working industry of your major?

Then this workshop is for you!

Date: Wednesday, March 20th
Time: 3PM
Location: Babbio 122

Join us as we welcome two Stevens Alums, Michael Kochanik '87 and Elizabeth Cone '23 to share their experiences and expertise in the Engineering field. Learn how to navigate your career and build on your professional skills.

Light refreshments will be provided.

Michael Kochanik '87, NetFoundry


Charting a Course for Innovation: Challenges in Engineering Career Management

Innovation has become the cornerstone of success in the rapidly evolving landscape of disruptive technologies. Engineering professionals are pivotal in driving the frontiers of technological advancement and innovation. However, navigating a career path in this dynamic environment presents numerous challenges that demand adaptability, resilience, and a commitment to continuous and life-long learning.

In this workshop, the presenter will discuss personal experiences, lessons learned, and advice suitable for those about to embark on their first career decisions. The objective is to offer a framework for shaping a career path that leads to success and personal fulfillment in the work environment.

Headshot of Mike Kochanik outdoors

Mike Kochanik is the co-founder and chief strategy officer of NetFoundry, a company that transforms how applications securely connect over the internet. Mike has a 25+ year distinguished career as a sales executive and global industry leader. He has led five early-stage companies to successful liquidity events and created more than $1B in shareholder wealth across emerging markets, including the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Open Source, Networking, and Cyber Security. As Chief Revenue Officer of flowthings.io, Mike led efforts to secure strategic funding and successfully launched the company into the IoT market in 2015. He built CipherCloud’s global sales organization and led the company to $35M in revenue in the first 30 months of business operation. At CollabNet, he founded and was General Manager of both the DevOps and Federal business units, and he generated $100M of the company’s overall revenue during his tenure. He started his early career as a Senior Systems Engineer for Lockheed Martin, working on numerous DoD programs, including the US Navy Trident Missile program. Mike holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from Stevens Institute of Technology and an MBA from Seton Hall University.

Elizabeth Cone '23, AMD Hudson Valley Design Center


Most people don’t start their path into higher education knowing exactly what they want to do for the rest of their lives. As I’ve experienced, using classes, internships, and interviews to narrow down your interests and strengths is an integral part of both professional and personal growth during college. I’ve learned to always be willing to ask questions and make mistakes – you can’t learn without admitting you don’t know something. Don’t be afraid to branch out socially, professionally and on a technical level. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is the fastest way to expose yourself to new information and develop your career.

Headshot of Liz Cone outdoors wearing graduation cap and gown

Originally from the Chicago suburbs, Liz moved to the east coast to attend Stevens Institute of Technology in 2018. Staying for 5 years, Liz received a Bachelors and Masters of Engineering in Computer Engineering. She worked as a student IT employee for 3 years and interned in the fields of embedded systems and RF engineering before getting an internship as a Silicon Design Engineer at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) the summer of 2022. Now working full time in physical design on the cores team at the AMD Hudson Valley Design Center in Fishkill, NY, she maintains an interest in RF and digital design outside of her professional work.