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28 Oct 2020
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Desulfurization of Natural Gas for Fuel Cells (a problem stated by Bloom Energy)

Department of Mathematical Sciences

The Mathematical Sciences department is hosting a research seminar series titled "Application of Mathematics in Industrial problems", with monthly lectures on important mathematical applications in the industry.


Fuel cells use hydrogen gas to produce electricity. Bloom Energy makes fuel cells that obtain their hydrogen gas from the hydrocarbons in natural gas. Sulfur is added to natural gas in order to produce odors that make leaks detectable. Bloom’s systems run off of pipeline natural gas; before this gas enters the fuel cells it must be “desulfurized”. During this process sulfur and other harmful impurities must be completely removed from the gas stream. To do this, the gas is passed through a number of packed beds which have each been tailored to pick up these impurities. Each vessel is filled with sorbents that purify the gas through physisorption and/or chemisorption. In the talk I will tell how to construct and analyze the desulfurization mathematical models and provide a way how to scale the experimental set-up to study the behavior in the lab.


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