College of Arts and Letters
5 Mar 2020
Morton 205

Critical Reading Skills

Writing and Communications Center Workshop

What's this workshop all about? 

From engaging in business correspondence to correctly interpreting a friend’s text message, it is essential to develop critical reading skills. Try our three-step process for reading faster, understanding better, and responding to difficult texts.

What's the Writing and Communications Center?

Part of the College of Arts and Letters, the Writing and Communications Center is a crew of well-trained writing consultants who provide free, one-on-one help with any kind of written and oral communication project. Come for an appointment at any stage of the writing process—from brainstorming to polishing. We can help with essays, resumes, poster presentations, interviews, English conversation, and a host of other topics.

Location: Morton 210

Hours: Monday-Thursday 9-6 & Friday 9-4

Library hours: Monday 3-8 & Tuesday 6-8

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