11 Mar 2021

Cooking with Lessouschefs

Cooking with Les Sous Chefs

Join sisters Julianne ’18 and Michelle Depardieu, “ Les Sous Chefs”, in the kitchen for a special cooking class. Learn to make a delicious, flavorful potato leek soup that can also be prepared as a gluten free, dairy free, and/or vegan dish.

Les Sous Chefs (@lessouschefs) is a foodstagram run by sisters Jules and Mushk. (Fun fact: their account name is inspired by their French heritage.) They both started informally cooking in college as a way to fuel their bodies with healthy, fresh food, and now enjoy sharing recipes and meal inspiration with others. Mushk and Jules believe that anyone can be a stellar “sous chef” with a little practice, and they love to share their cooking tips and tricks with anyone looking to get cooking.

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