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17 Dec 2021
CCSE Lab - Babbio 5th floor

Conditions for Happier Women

Dr. Hyeon Joung Kim, Senior Researcher at the Korea Expressway Corporation (KEC) Research Institute

Dr. Hyeon Joung Kim picture

As happiness has become a policy goal in many countries and international organizations, researchers have tried to find out what makes people happier. One of the main topics is to identify gender differences in the level of happiness based on several factors. This talk introduces various findings in the relationship between gender and happiness and explores other determinants not discussed in happiness research.

Hyeon Joung Kim, Ph.D., is a senior researcher at the Korea Expressway Corporation (KEC) Research Institute. Her primary research interests lie in the public/social values and citizens’ happiness. At work, she carried out several research projects such as creating social values in public corporations, cultivating an innovative culture in an R&D organization, and developing leadership capacity and training programs. As a happiness researcher in the field of public administration, she published research papers on the role of governments in enhancing citizens’ happiness at the local and national levels. Her studies on happiness were presented at the International Society for Quality-of-Life Studies (ISQOLS) and other conferences.

A hybrid option is supported. The event will take place in person and online.

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