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7 Dec 2018
Babbio 219

Computational Health Behavior Research at IBM Research

SIAI Seminar Series: Ching-Hua Chen, IBM Research

Ching-Hua Chen

The SIAI seminar series will feature speakers from academia, research labs, government agencies and the industry in topics of interest to the SIAI community. These lectures are open to all.


Dr. Ching-Hua Chen will describe ongoing health behavior research at IBM Research. Examples of research topics include physical activity coaching, continuous stress monitoring and care management. On the topic of physical activity coaching, she will share how a combination of qualitative studies and machine learning inspired a concept for an adaptive intervention for promoting physical activity. On the topic of continuous stress monitoring, she will share how wearable sensing technologies were used to understand how context and physiology may allow us to infer a user's perceived stress level. Finally, on the topic of care management, she will share how behavioral phenotyping and causal inference methods can be used to help care managers better manage their limited time.


Dr. Chen is a manager and research scientist at IBM Research in Yorktown Heights, NY. Her team develops and tests technology-enabled approaches to understanding health behavior and patient decision-making. She is investigating methods for increasing the speed and accuracy with which practitioners can personalize interventions for health behavior modification. To this end, she is interested in quantifying health behavior and patient experience through the analysis of various types of temporal data (e.g., medical/health records, social platforms, wearable devices and IoT sensors). She has a dual-title Ph.D. in business administration and operations research from Penn State University.

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