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27 Sep 2017
Altorfer 501 and online via Blackboard Collaborate

Coastal Resiliency in a Dynamic Ecosystem

Sustainability Seminar Series

The Sustainability Seminar Series continues both onsite and online via a Blackboard Collaborate webinar on Wednesday, September 27 with Coastal Resiliency in a Dynamic Ecosystem with Amy Williams, New Jersey Sea Grant Sortium.

Dr. Williams is a post-doctoral associate at Stevens Institute of Technology working on living shoreline projects in the Davidson Laboratory and is the Coastal Ecosystems Extension Agent at New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium. Amy received her B.S. from Rutgers, the State University of NJ in 2005 and her M.S. and Ph.D from Texas A&M in 2007 and 2010, respectively, where she focused on coastal management practices of removing seaweed from beaches.

Dr. Williams has experience as an educator through summer camps and community colleges along with assisting Dr. Jon Miller with the “Living Shorelines” graduate course at Stevens. She recently has been conducting educational outreach through an interactive trivia program entitled "Ocean Hazards: Sharks vs Rip Currents", along with presentations about coastal resilience. Along with colleagues and other experts in the coastal field, Dr. Williams is one of the co-authors of the NJ Sea Grant Consortium's Dune Manual which provided guidance on developing high functioning, multi-species dunes in NJ with proper walkways and fencing.

The Sustainability Seminar Series is organized by the Sustainability Management Master's program and sponsored by the Center for Environmental Systems and the Department of Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering (CEOE). This seminar is also available online through Blackboard Collaborate.

 Blackboard Collaborate Webinar

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