28 Oct 2020
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CCB Awareness & Exploration Workshop: Exploring the Basic Computational Tool Box for the Practicing Chemists and Biologists (Workshop #2)

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

CCB Awareness & Exploration Workshops: Interactive one-hour monthly virtual workshops for Undergraduate students.

Workshop Facilitators

  • Sunil Paliwal, Teaching Assistant professor in Chemistry
  • Kenny Wong, Teaching Associate professor and Biology Program Director

Workshop Series Description

This is an interactive one-hour workshop geared toward undergraduate students majoring in chemistry, chemical biology, biology, Biomedical and Chemical engineering. No prior knowledge of these computational tools is necessary. In this workshop we will explore the National Center of Biotechnology Information (NCBI) site, where students can look for genes of their interest, conduct homology searches, sequence comparison, explore monogenetic diseases (OMIM) and examine molecular structure of proteins and nucleic acids (STRUCTURE). As a follow-up to workshop #1 where students learned how to draw Remdesivir (the COVID19 drug) and search for its chemical analogs using ChemDraw and SciFinder,  workshop #2 we will look into the target of Remdesivir. Using the NCBI iCn3D structure viewer, the student will examine the molecular interactions of how Remdesivir binds to the SARS-CoV2 target.  The goal of these workshops is to encourage play and exploration using these tools by the students, enhanced by faculty and student engagement. There will be a chemical design challenge with prizes based on what you have learned from these three workshops.

Bonus: Prof. Paliwal will host an abbreviated repeat of workshop #1 for students who want more guided practice or missed workshop #1 and want to learn ChemDraw & SciFinder. Please indicate this on your registration form.

Benefits to Students

  • These are “tools of the trade” for the chemists and biologists and will help in your future research at Stevens, internships and jobs.
  • These tools enhance your creativity; imagine creating a molecule that no one has made before and claiming it in a patent or designing an antisense molecule that will inhibit a disease relevant gene. These tools are the “drawing board” for your creativity
  • These tools are available to you at Stevens at no cost and practice makes perfect!


  • Workshop date/time: October 28, 2020 (4:00-5:00pm)
  • Registration is required: Registration will close 24-hours before the date of the workshop
  • Prior knowledge requirement: None
  • To Register for the October 28th workshop, please go to this link: REGISTER (Note: You must be logged into your Stevens account to be able to register)

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