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17 Mar 2021

The Case for Optimism: A Conversation with Steven Pinker

Center for Science Writings

Zoom link for "The Case for Optimism: A Conversation with Steven Pinker." 

About the Event

Professor of psychology at Harvard, Pinker is one of the world's most influential intellectuals. His latest bestseller, Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress, argues that science and reason have helped humanity achieve enormous moral as well as material progress over the last few centuries; this progress will continue as long as we do not succumb to despair and tribal conflict. Bill Gates calls Enlightenment Now his “favorite book of all time.” Rather than lecture, Pinker will be interviewed by John Horgan, director of the Stevens Center for Science Writings.

About the Center for Science Writings

Attracting the most notable of thinkers and communicators, the Center for Science Writings shines a light on conversations shaping the public perception of science. Launched in 2005 within the College of Arts and Letters, the Center for Science Writings draws attention to science communications, books and blogs capturing the public's attention. Prominent writers, be they journalists, scientists, engineers, philosophers or scholars, come to deliver free, public lectures about science-related issues each and every semester.  At the helm is director and science journalist John Horgan.

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