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7 Apr 2021
Virtual Event - Link Below

Cancer-Focused Applications Of Epigenome Mapping And Epigenetically Acting Drugs

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

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Dr. Ben Tycko's lab has a long-standing research emphasis on genetics and epigenetics in human health and disease. His recent work has involved genome-wide and locus-specific profiling of CpG methylation, both net and allele-specific, for disease gene discovery and pathway analysis in human pregnancy and developmental syndromes, autoimmune diseases, neuropsychiatric disorders, and cancers. His lab also has an active research program on epigenetic therapies in human cancers and preclinical cancer models, including pancreatic cancer and multiple myeloma. His seminar will cover these topics with an emphasis on applications to cancer research and treatment.


Benjamin Tycko received his Bachelor of Arts from Princeton, where he earned the biochemistry thesis prize and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He received h is MD and PhD degrees from NYU School of Medicine in 1984, being elected to Alpha Omega Alpha.

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