Bully Market - Jamie Fiore Higgins

Bully Market book cover

Jamie Fiore Higgins, a former Goldman Sachs executive, will read from her new book Bully Market

Q&A session with Assistant Professor Balbinder Singh Gill and book-signing to follow

A rare, riveting insider’s account on Wall Street—an updated Liar’s Poker

Jamie Fiore Higgins became one of the few women at the highest ranks of Goldman Sachs. Spurred on by the obligation she felt to her working-class immigrant family, she rose through the ranks and saw it all: out-of-control, lavish parties flowing with never-ending drinks; affairs flouted in the office; rampant drug use; and most pervasively, a discriminatory culture that seemed designed to hold back the few women and people of color employed at the company.

Despite Goldman Sachs having the right talking points and statistics, Fiore Higgins soon realized that these provided a veneer to cover up what she found to be an abusive culture. Her account is one filled with shocking stories of harassment and jaw-dropping tales of exclusionary behavior: when she was told she only got promoted because she is a woman; when her coworkers mooed at her after she pumped for her fourth child, defying the superior who had advised her not to breastfeed; or when a male boss used a racial epithet in front of her, other colleagues, and clients without any repercussions.

Bully Market (Simon & Schuster, 2022) sounds the alarm on the culture of finance and corporate America, while offering clear, actionable ideas for creating a fairer workplace. Both a revealing, extraordinary look at the industry and a top Wall Streeter’s explosive personal story, Bully Market is an essential account of one woman’s experience in a flawed system that speaks to the challenge and urgency for change.

Reviews of Bully Market:

"At a time when many white-collar workers are lobbying for the right to keep Zooming in sweatpants, Bully Market is a reminder of when offices were stage sets in the sky for dark, outrageous human drama." The New York Times

A persuasive warning that Wall Street still has a long way to go to become a more human and equitable workplace.” Publishers Weekly

“In her debut memoir, Fiore Higgins mounts a scathing critique of the sexist, racist, homophobic, and elitist culture pervading Goldman Sachs... A disturbing portrait of power and greed.” Kirkus Reviews

Bully Market reading and signing with Jamie Fiore Higgins

Q&A session led by Assistant Professor of Finance Balbinder Singh Gill

Wed Dec 7
12 pm
UCC Gallery

This event is hosted by the School of Business.

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