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12 Apr 2017
Altorfer 501 and online via Blackboard Collaborate

Bringing Concrete to Life: The Ecological Enhancement of Coastal and Urban Infrastructure

Sustainability Seminar Series

The Sustainability Seminar Series continues both onsite and online via a Blackboard Collaborate webinar on Wednesday, April 12 with Bringing Concrete to Life: The Ecological Enhancement of Coastal and Urban  Infrastructure with Dr. Andrew Rella, ECOncrete Incorprated.

Dr. Andrew Rella, is the chief operating officer of ECOncrete Incorporated, a company offering innovative concrete ecological solutions for marine infrastructure. Andrew's work at ECOnrete Inc. focuses on Coastal and Environmental Engineering. Additionally, Andrew is the sole proprietor of InterTidal Habitat Consulting, and is working with the New York City Economic Development Corporation to develop oyster encasement technologies for enhancing marine piles. Andrew previously worked as a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer at Stevens Institute of Technology, in Hoboken, NJ, where Andrew’s experience included; being a member of the coordinating team of the Hudson River Sustainable Shorelines Project since 2009, consulting on pilot projects for the NJ USACE and American Littoral Society, developing workshops for the Departments of Remediation and Environmental Protection, as well as co-authoring the NJDEP Living Shorelines Engineering Guidelines. Andrew has a Ph.D. in ocean engineering from the Center of Maritime Systems at Stevens Institute, with a concentration in coastal engineering.

The Sustainability Seminar Series is organized by the master of science program in Sustainability Management and sponsored by the Center for Environmental Systems and the Department of Civil, Environmental and Ocean Engineering (CEOE). This seminar is also available online through Blackboard Collaborate. 

Blackboard Collaborate Webinar

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