Open to the Public, Talks & Lectures
30 Oct 2018
Hayden Hall Lounge

Brain-Computer Interface Workshop for Control, Assessment, and Rehabilitation

Workshop flyer

Come join us and learn about the frontiers of brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), listen to keynote talks from top scientists in neural engineering, and participate in hands-on workshops on control, assessment, and rehabilitation!

BCI Workshop Flyer

Registration is mandatory. Please RSVP at the link above.

This workshop is co-sponsored by Christoph Guger, CEO, g.tec, Austria. G.tec are the leading developers of cutting edge devices in medical engineering.

This workshop is organized by Dr. Ramana Vinjamuri, Dr. George McConnell and Dr. Raviraj Nataraj from the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology.

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