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21 Jun 2019
Babbio Center 122, Stevens Institute of Technology

Blockchain and the Digital Marketplace

SAIL Conference 2019

Digital symbols with a red banner containing the conference name.

The security, data preservation and networking capabilities of blockchain made it ideally suited to solve some of the immediate issues surrounding digital currencies. Now, those features are putting blockchain in the driver’s seat of the digital transformation of the business, as industry searches for greater transparency along its supply chains and greater security in its operations.  And while blockchain can streamline processing and ensure security, the full range of its potential applications are capable of much greater cultural and political shifts.

This conference is intended for executives and managers who want to better understand blockchain applications beyond bitcoin. While presenters will discuss research developments and other theoretical breakthroughs, talks will emphasize practical insights designed to prepare leaders to integrate and use blockchain technologies for strategic advantage in the future. 

For a complete speaker lineup and more information, visit the conference website.

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