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23 Feb 2021

Artist Lecture: Clint Sleeper & Chalet Comellas-Baker

Visual Art & Technology Lecture Series

Clint Sleeper & Chalet Comellas-Baker will deliver their lecture online via Zoom on February 23 at 5 p.m.

About the Artist

When working collaboratively, Chalet Comellas-Baker and Clint Sleeper develop interactive video projects and sculptures that incorporate the history of the moving image, code, data, and the shifting role of the audience; from spectator to active participant.

In the spring of 2019, they co-founded the experimental contemporary art space, Unrequited Leisure in Nashville, TN. Together they curate a diverse range of artists from the region and beyond, and thematically present challenging works that highlight both critical and topical investigations.

About Visual Arts & Technology at Stevens

Led by an accomplished faculty, students contemplate the theories and inquiries that have defined art through the ages, all the while forging the expertise needed to land industry jobs. Creativity, critique, and collaboration define the classroom, and students are encouraged to explore the intersections of their imaginations and the latest technologies. After a rigorous first-year foundations curriculum, Visual Arts and Technology students complete a concentration in design, creative computation, game design, or moving image as well as a range of electives including virtual reality, physical computing, and art history. Graduates often go on to work in a range of creative fields, including media, production, design, game design, advertising, and marketing.

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