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9 Nov 2020
Virtual Event

A.I. & Cognitive Science

Stevens Academic Seminar Series

Headshot of Jordan Suchow with the Stevens campus visible in the background.

The fields of cognitive science and artificial intelligence are old friends, having grown up together. Cognitive science draws on insights from computer science, statistics, neuroscience, linguistics, psychology and philosophy to better understand how people represent the world around them. A.I. draws on these same insights to design agents that can perceive the environment and act upon it. This conversation will explore the interplay between these two fields, discussing examples where A.I. algorithms provide ideas about how human intelligence might operate, and where human intelligence informs the design of artificial intelligences.

About the presenter

Prof. Jordan Suchow is a cognitive scientist who studies vision, learning, memory and technology. His insights in artificial intelligence are helping guide academic programs by the School of Business in this arena.

About this series

The Stevens Academic Seminar Series is a joint effort by the university's three schools and one college, designed to further enrich the learning experiences of all students. Faculty-led lectures in the School of Business talks offer students valuable insights that present a practical complement to lessons and a primer on the kinds of skills employers expect new graduates to bring to the workplace. 

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