To report an emergency, please call Stevens Campus Police at 201.216.3911.

Emergency Contacts 

Stevens Campus Police

Kidde Building, Ground Floor
201.216.3911 (Emergency Line, 24/7)
201.216.5105(Non-Emergency Line, 24/7)

Stevens Main Phone Line


Everbridge Text Message System

Stevens uses the Everbridge text message system to inform all members of the Stevens community of serious, time sensitive emergencies. All students, faculty and staff should sign up for emergency text alerts here. Returning students, faculty and staff who have already signed up for emergency texts should update their information.

Emergency Resources For The Stevens Community

National Suicide Prevention Hotline
Crisis Textline in cooperation with Stevens Institute of Technology
Text HOME to 741-741 (24/7)

Domestic Violence Helpline
201.333.5700 (24/7)

Hudson County Rape Crisis Center

National Drug Helpline
888.633.3239 (24/7)

Resources For Employees Only

Stevens offers support to all employees who have questions or need of counseling and help in overcoming personal problems. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services are offered through CIGNA; many services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can speak with a licensed clinician and/or arrange for up to three face-to-face sessions with local counselors. In addition, CIGNA’s EAP website and toll-free number gives you access to research issues on your own. Additional information about the EAP is available at or Toll-free Number 1-800-538-3543