In response to the Fall 2020 Campus Reopening Plan, the Student Employment Office has created a list of FAQs related to student employment on campus. 


Q. Who is eligible to apply for a student worker position?
A . Any registered student is eligible to apply for a student worker position. 

Q. Where are the jobs available?
A. Positions are available throughout the Stevens campus, they can vary from IT, Library, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and many more. 

Q. How do I use my FWS?
A. Students will apply for jobs as normal using the Student employment link. 

Q. Can I work remotely?
A. Yes, remote work is available you will have to clarify with the department you will be working for. 

Q. Can I apply for the same position I had last year?
A. Yes, you can apply for the same position. 

Q. Only freshman are allowed on campus, how can I use my work study?
A. If you are an upperclassman looking for work, you can take advantage of community service opportunities and/or  remote opportunities with departments that offer the option.