(for incoming freshmen only)

The Bridge Summer Program is a transitional academic and social experience. It gives the students a preview of the academic demands of Stevens, helps them begin to develop new friendships and relationships, and adjust to a different environment.

Bridge is not remedial program. It is an intense and challenging 6 week residential program conducted from the fourth Sunday in June through the first Friday in August. Mondays through Fridays the students attend class and are introduced to the curriculum and academic demands of some of the first semester core technical courses.

Social activities, including both structured and unstructured events create a balance with the academic component of the program. Additionally, a staff of upperclassmen (tutor/resident assistants) provides the students with peer support, friendship and supplemental academic assistance. They help the students adjust to the campus, and also share with them a student perspective of the Stevens experience, including the ingredients for success.

New friendships and relationships, strengthening of academic skills, and establishing academic contacts are among the major benefits of participating in the Bridge Summer experience. Bridge students begin their first semester comfortable with the campus, with friendships already made and with a support network in place.