Externships: An insider's look at a specific industry and the opportunity to network with industry professionals

What is an Externship?

StudentsAn externship is a one day job shadowing experience. Students find out first-hand what it's like to work in the pharmaceutical, financial, consulting, manufacturing, and government sectors. Externs observe the day-to-day activities of an engineer, a financial analyst, an attorney, or a project manager. Extern sponsors discuss specific academic majors and career decisions that alumni and their colleagues have experienced. Externships are available in a variety of career fields and geographic locations.

Please Note:

  • Students do not receive pay or academic credit for externships.
  • Students are responsible for their own expenses and transportation.
  • Students must attend an Externship Orientation Session and contact their sponsor in a timely manner.
  • Students are expected to meet with their career advisor after completing their externship.

Why join the Stevens Externship Program?

Externships allow students to explore a career field and observe the work environment first hand. Students will have the opportunity to ask academic and career related questions of their host who was once in a similar position. Whether students are unsure of what they would like to pursue or have so many interests it's hard to choose, externships can provide the information you needed to make informed decisions.

  • Confirm your choice of major and career field
  • Discover interesting career opportunities
  • Begin establishing a professional network of contacts

How do students apply? How are students matched with a sponsor?

First and second year students are eligible to apply. Students must submit a resume as well as a brief statement of interest. Students and sponsors are matched according to the sponsor's requirements and the student's statement of interest. To participate, students should attend the Externship Information Meeting held each semester. Once a student is matched, attendance is required at an Orientation Session to facilitate contacting the sponsor and making arrangements for the visit.

When does this take place?

Over Winter Break, during the first two weeks of January. 

To learn more, email us.