​Practice makes perfect…and that especially applies to developing your interviewing skills!

Interviewing Resources

Online resources are helpful but not nearly as powerful as attending our interactive interviewing workshops and scheduling mock interviews with your career advisor. Review resources below to power up your interviewing skills.

Conducting Industry and Company Research

A student preparing for an interviewCompany and industry research will lead you to information about many different employers and will allow you to make an informed decision about a particular industry or company. It will help you decide on the right industry for you. In addition, it also allows you to identify the needs of the company and market yourself appropriately. Finally, it is important to know information about a company during an interview. Employers perceive “researching the company” as a critical factor in the evaluation of applicants because it reflects their interest and savvy. Company research helps you show initiative and enthusiasm, and gives you confidence in answering questions during an interview. Learn more about researching various industries and companies with these industry and conducting company research resources and tools.

Behavioral Interviewing

A student talking with an HR Representative at the career fairBehavioral Questions are open-ended questions that target past experiences to best predict your future behavior. Interviewers have identified core competencies, and will ask you to describe specific scenarios that relate to those characteristics.

Behavioral interviewing questions typically start with:

  • Tell me about a time when…
  • Walk me through an encounter…
  • Provide me an example…
  • Describe a situation…

Learn how to prepare for a behavioral interview.

Second Round Interviews

Congratulations, you have been asked to participate in a second round interview! Although it is a time of excitement, sometimes nerves are hard to control. It is important to know what to expect during the second round interview but it is most important to prepare for the second round interview.