The Office of Wellness Education envisions a campus community in which students embrace wellness as a life-long core value and thrive in their personal and academic pursuits.

The mission of the Office of Wellness Education is to support student success both personally and academically by creating and maintaining a holistic culture of wellness at Stevens Institute of Technology. The Office of Wellness Education strives to engage the campus community by aligning university wellness initiatives, inspiring intentional positive lifestyles choices, and developing and implementing inclusive, evidence and theory-based health promotion programming.

Wellness Education is committed to collaborating with various departments to offer comprehensive education, resources, and services that enable students to reach their full potential in well-being. Additionally, the office is dedicated to advocating for university policy changes that will improve the wellness of the campus community. Wellness Education aims to empower students to embrace the continual journey toward physical, emotional, social, community, spiritual, intellectual, career, and financial well-being.