You are advised to read the Registration Procedures before enrolling in any courses.

The Course Schedule is found in Workday by typing in the search bar "Find Course Sections." A user guide with step by step information may be found at on the Workday Resource page. 


Summer course information

 For summer offerings, Student Web Self Services provides a Course Section Search function. You can register for classes using Student Web Self Services (login thru myStevens) using the 5-digit call number for a course. Please note that call numbers are not course numbers. For example, PEP112A is a course number, 11613 is a call number.

The Stevens Course Scheduler is available to help construct a feasible schedule.


Note that schedules are subject to change, but, as per Registrar's Office policy, these will be kept to a minimum.


Faculty Office Hours 

Click here for Fall 2020 Faculty Office Hours.