The Center for Faculty Engagement and Advancement intranet site on MyStevens offers detailed information for the Stevens community on its programs, services, and resources as well as useful links for faculty.


The Center for Faculty Engagement and Advancement provides all faculty members with the support they need to excel as teachers, scholars, and leaders. Working closely with the schools, departments, and programs, the Center for Faculty Engagement and Advancement supports excellence in all areas of academic life by providing programs and resources that support professional development and advancement for Stevens faculty members.

Our mission is to provide all faculty members with access to high-quality programs and resources that enable and enhance professional development and advancement in all areas of academic life including teaching, scholarship, research, leadership, and service.

We envision a campus environment, which provides the support required to ensure that faculty at all levels are effective teachers, productive scholars and engaged university citizens and where faculty feel inspired and enabled to reach their fullest potential.

Faculty Workshops
Through on-campus and online workshops and seminars, the Center for Faculty Engagement and Advancement provides the information needed to help all faculty members achieve their unique professional development goals.

Writing Groups
Designed to support faculty members in being productive scholars, the Center for Faculty Engagement and Advancement hosts writing groups in collaboration with the Writing and Communications Center. These groups are a hybrid writing workshop/writing circle that combine the basics of technical writing with guided peer review.

Teaching Circles
Teaching Circles are working groups in which colleagues generate and share ideas related to teaching, offer resolutions to problems, and advise one another. A Teaching Circle provides a great opportunity to engage in professional and personal development sessions, collaborate with other faculty members, reflect on personal teaching and learning practices, and stay on top of the latest educational trends.

Out to Lunch
For more than thirty years, research has continually proven that faculty-student interaction outside the classroom is associated with a number of positive outcomes including student retention and persistence to graduation, academic achievement, critical thinking skills, personal and intellectual development, educational aspirations, satisfaction with faculty, satisfaction with college, and perceptions of college quality. This program is designed to promote faculty-student interaction outside the classroom by encouraging undergraduate students to invite their professors “out to lunch” at one of three on-campus dining locations.

Leadership Development
The Center for Faculty Engagement and Advancement offers a comprehensive leadership development program designed to prepare faculty members to assume leadership roles, support newly-appointed academic leaders as they transition into their new roles, ensure continuous professional development of academic leaders over time, regardless of how long they have been in their role, and create resources to ensure the success of faculty members and academic leaders by outlining their roles and responsibilities both in general and in particular.

Faculty Mentoring Initiative
Decades of research has consistently shown overwhelming support virtually universal support for mentoring regardless of faculty background, experience, academic discipline, and institution type. Additionally, the literature overwhelmingly shows benefits to the organization, the mentor, and the mentee. Mentoring includes informal and formal communication, professional stimulation of both junior and senior faculty, and can serve to advance organizational culture.

Faculty Success Program
The Faculty Success Program is an intensive mentoring program for advanced doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows, pre-tenure and post-tenure faculty. The 15-week virtual boot-camp provides support and accountability for research, writing, productivity, and work-life balance.

Tip of the Week
Tip of the Week messages are sent on Wednesdays throughout the academic year to all teaching faculty. Tip of the Week messages are designed to inspire all faculty members to join the Center for Faculty Engagement and Advancement on the quest for Excellence in All We Do at Stevens, specifically as it relates to student engagement.

New Faculty Orientation
The one-day New Faculty Orientation program includes presentations and workshops designed to orient new faculty to the university's unique culture and prepare them for their duties as a Stevens faculty members. The program begins with a conversation with University president and concludes with a reception at the home of the Provost and University Vice President.

Center for Faculty Engagement and Advancement Library
The Center for Faculty Engagement and Advancement has curated a small collection of texts related to topics related to teaching, learning, mentoring, leadership, student development, and higher education policy. Faculty members can borrow texts as they please.

Conference Funding
The Teaching Professor Conference gives faculty members who are passionate about teaching and learning a venue in which to reflect, recharge, and rejuvenate while gaining instructional ideas and valuable insights.

Syllabus Guidelines
In an effort to promote consistent syllabus content across the institute, the Center for Faculty Engagement and Advancement has developed a syllabus template for instructors. The template is based on higher education best practices and was developed with input from faculty, students, academic administrators, and instructional designers from within and outside Stevens.