Study Plan Frequently Asked Questions

Why must I submit a study plan?

The study plan is in place to ensure that students pursue meaningful, cohesive studies, in line with the requirements of the program and that of the Institute. A study plan must be on file in Graduate Admissions as a prerequisite for enrollment.

How do I fill out a study plan?

You can get a study plan form from Office of the Registrar, on our web site, or from your department. You must talk with your advisor to discuss the courses required for your program and what electives and/or other requirements are needed for your program.

How will I know when specific courses will run?

The departments have preliminary schedules of courses that will run over the next few years. Core courses and popular electives tend to be offered at least once a year, whereas other less popular courses run less often, typically every other year.

Can I deviate from the study plan?

If you need to take a course other than those specified on your study plan, you must submit a revised study plan with the approval of your advisor. Courses taken that are not on your approved study plan may not later be approved as being applicable towards your program.

How many credits do I need to get a degree?

A School of Engineering and Science master's degree requires a minimum of 30 credits beyond a bachelor's. A School of Business master's requires a minimum of 36 credits beyond a bachelors degree. An engineer degree requires at least 60 credits beyond a bachelor's degree (30 beyond a master's degree), of which 8 to 15 credits would be a design project. A Ph.D. requires at least 84 credits beyond a bachelor's degree (60 beyond a master's degree), including institute requirements. Certificate programs typically run 10 to 15 credits. There will accommodations for those affected by the transition from the 2.5 credit per course basis to the 3.0 credit per course basis.

Do I have to do a thesis/project for a master's degree?

All master's theses require two readers. In the School of Engineering and Science and the School of Systems and Enterprises, credit for master's thesis can run from 5 to 40 credits; in the School of Business, the credit allocation runs from 6 to 12 credits. Every thesis strictly more than the minimum number of credits required must be publicly defended.

How many courses/credits can I transfer?

A master's student can transfer up to 3 courses for up to 9 credits subject to advisor approval. For an engineer degree or a Ph.D., a prior master's degree may be transferred for up to 30 credits without specific approval of the department or Dean of Graduate Academics. Also, one-third of additional course-load credits (non-research) may be transferred with the approval of the department/advisory committee and the Dean of Graduate Academics. Transferred courses must not have been used to obtain another degree, have a grade of 'B' or better, and be the equivalent of a course offered here at Stevens. You must submit a Transfer Credit form and, if not already on file at Graduate Admissions, official transcripts showing the grades of the courses being transferred are required. It is highly recommended that the catalog description of the courses be submitted with the Transfer Credit Form.

Can I take a course at another institution while at Stevens?

Yes. You must submit the form Permission to Take a Course at Another Institution before you take the course with the approval of your advisor and the Dean of Graduate Academics if you plan on using the course towards your degree here at Stevens. It is highly recommended that the catalog description of the course be submitted with the Permission form.

I would like to study a topic that isn't covered by any of the courses. What can I do?

You can take a Special Problems course (800 or 801 numbers). You will need to submit a Special Problems Course form to the Office of the Registrar prior to enrolling for such a course.

I have a course on my study plan that isn't being offered, and I want to graduate this semester. What can I do?

You can take the Course by Application. This allows you to take a course even though it isn't scheduled. You must submit a Course By Application form to the Office of the Registrar prior to enrolling for such a course.

How much time do I have to complete a degree?

You have up to six years to complete a degree from the point you started the program. For part-time master's students, this allows a minimum of one course per semester. The Ph.D. program also requires at least one year of residency on campus or at a research facility acceptable to the dissertation advisor or to the Dean of Graduate Academics.

I want to change my program.

How do I go about doing this? You can submit a Program Change Request. This is the equivalent of applying to the new program. Your file on record at Graduate Admissions will be sent down to the department for review and you will be informed of their decision.

I am planning/need to skip a semester(s). What should I do?

Please submit a Leave of Absence or a letter stating the same to the Dean of Graduate Academics.

I need to withdraw from all my courses this semester due to an emergency. What should I do?

Submit a Drop/Add form along with a letter describing your situation and we will try to accommodate you. Courses dropped after the first two weeks of the semester will have a grade of "W" (Withdrawn) recorded on the transcript. Refunds are pro-rated, as indicated on the semester calendar, from the beginning of the semester (100% refund) to the 8th week of the semester (0% refund).

I need a letter stating that I am a student or have completed a program at Stevens. What do I do?

If you need a letter stating you are a current student, you can request a Letter of Enrollment from the Office of the Registrar. If you need a letter stating you have completed a graduate degree program, you can submit a Request for Letter of Completion to the Office of the Registrar. A letter of completion can only be issued for students that have submitted an Application for Candidacy and have received grades for all courses. If the grades for all courses have not been received, then a Letter of Expected Completion will be issued. A Letter of Enrollment will state that you are enrolled as a graduate student at Stevens. Please note that these letters do take some time to generate and will not be available immediately.