Reasonable housing accommodations are available to eligible students with disabilities who have submitted satisfactory documentation of a qualifying disability and a substantiated need for reasonable housing accommodations. The Office of Disability Services requires clear, current, and comprehensive documentation to verify a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, specifically as it relates to housing needs, as confirmed and documented by an appropriate and qualified licensed professional. The documentation must be enough to establish a direct link between the underlying impairment and the requested housing accommodation(s).

The deadlines for housing accommodation requests for incoming first year Stevens’ students is the end of May, and the end of January for returning Stevens’ students. The deadlines were established to enable the Office of Disability Services sufficient time to review requests before the housing assignment process for all Stevens’ students begins. Requests need to be submitted each year before the housing application process begins; they do not carry forward. All housing accommodation requests are reviewed and prioritized according to timeliness of request. Every effort will be made to meet the student’s needs. However, limited residence hall spaces and availability may mean that not all requests will be met immediately. If the request cannot be honored for the upcoming semester, the student will be put on a waiting list for consideration as openings occur.