The Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs has oversight of the Exchange Visitor Program and must be notified whenever there is a change of J-1 program sponsorship. J-1 Exchange Visitors (EV) may transfer from one program sponsor to another if the purpose of the transfer is to complete the academic objective for which he or she was admitted. The transfer process requires coordination between the current institution’s International Office and Stevens International Student and Scholar Services office (ISSS).

The first step in the transfer process is to notify the current J-1 sponsor of the Exchange Visitor’s intent to transfer to a new program. The EV must obtain the proper clearance from its current sponsor to effectuate a transfer.

Transfer Process to Stevens

  • EV meets with current J-1 sponsor to discuss the transfer process and the transfer “effective date”. The transfer out date should be no later than the end date of the DS-2019 issued by the current sponsor.
  • EV completes Part I of the J-1 Transfer Form, and current J-1 program sponsor processes Part II of the Form. The Form is e-mailed or faxed to the Stevens ISSS office by the current sponsor.
  • Stevens processes the DS-2019 once the current J-1 sponsor has processed an electronic transfer of the SEVIS record.
  • Once the transfer becomes effective, the EV must immediately report to the ISSS office located at the Wesley J. Howe Center, 5th floor. ISSS is required to report an EV’s participation under Stevens J-1 program in SEVIS within 30 days of the program effective date.

Transfer Eligibility Issues

  • If an EV has applied to the U.S. Department of State for a waiver of the two-year home residency requirement, and the waiver has been approved, she/he is not eligible to transfer.
  • If an EV has violated her/his immigration status, she/he will not be eligible to transfer. An EV who violates her/his immigration status must leave the U.S. and reenter to regain valid status. In the alternative, and EV may apply to the Department of Homeland Security for “reinstatement” to J-1 status.


To travel outside the U.S. before start date of the new J-1 program, the EV must travel and reenter the U.S. with the DS-2019 issued by Stevens. In addition to the DS-2019, the EV must also have a valid J-1 visa stamp in the passport and be prepared to document the source of funding noted on the DS-2019. Travel outside the U.S. while the transfer process is pending is highly discouraged.

Assistantship Awards

Exchange Visitors awarded Assistantships may not work at Stevens until the transfer and check in process are complete. The transfer process is not complete until a DS-2019 is issued by ISSS office, and the EV is enrolled for classes.