​Welcome to Stevens Institute of Technology, where the whole world is at your fingertips! As a new student at Stevens, you have joined a rich history of scientific, technological and intellectual advancement. Your technology team has been working hard to create a learning environment where you can have the equipment and software you need, where you need it, anywhere on campus and beyond.

At Stevens, technology is at our core, and is a central part of your educational experience. We believe in excellence in all we do, and as a result, we want your educational experience at Stevens Institute of Technology to be unsurpassed. Preparation for the career that lies ahead of you – a career that will depend upon your knowledge and experience with information technology – begins here.

Stevens has been investing millions of dollars in technology improvements, including a new high-speed wireless network that will be available anywhere on campus, and cloud storage for your coursework. We also use Canvas, a web and mobile based learning system that lets you access your course content from any device, anywhere. Additionally, Stevens is becoming a national leader in the use of graphic-accelerated virtualization to enable network access to specialized 3D visualization software.

Coffee, good company, and a great laptop – essentials to get you through to graduation – can be found in abundance here at Stevens. Information on how to purchase your laptop at a discount directly through Stevens' Laptop Procurement Program, as well as guidelines and technical baselines required if you chose to bring your own, are available. Simply visit our Laptop Program page, choose the right laptop for you, and you’re on your way to a top-notch education at Stevens Institute of Technology!

Again – welcome to Stevens! We are happy to have you here and are committed to doing everything possible to make your technology experience the very best!

Please contact us any time if you have questions at:

[email protected]

Please note the following things to do now that you’re a Stevens student!

Things to do before and after you arrive at Stevens
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