The design of our courses can greatly influence the success of information delivery and student success. Below are resources you can use to guide you through the process of planning and designing your course. 

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Backward Course Design

Utilize a systematic and effective way to plan and design your course to ensure learning objectives, instructional strategies, and assessments are aligned

Developing Learning Objectives

Use Bloom’s Taxonomy framework for developing clear and measurable learning objectives  

Course Syllabus

Access resources and guidance to apply the Stevens syllabus template in your course 

Get Started with Canvas

Explore resources to get started with developing courses in Canvas 

Making Your Content Accessible 

Utilize resources and tools to make your course content accessible for all students  

Instructional Technology at Stevens 

Discover the tools, services, and support that enable world-class teaching and learning with technology at Stevens 

Support Resources for Your Students

Resources for students to learn about technology for the classroom, software downloads, and Stevens AppSpace


To request instructional design support or consultation, please submit a ticket or send an email