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Tips and Best Practices for Instructors 

Encouraging Students to Turn on Their Webcams in Class 

There are a lot of benefits to being able to see your students' faces during a live class session: fostering community, simulating in-person instruction, and enhancing presence.  

Although instructors cannot compel students to turn on their cameras in a Zoom session, we can try some strategies to encourage students to do so: 

  1. Turn on your own camera.   
  2. Educate your students on the value of visual interaction during online learning. Explain explicitly the reason why you encourage them to turn their cameras on, and make it clear that the use of cameras is not for disciplinary purposes.  
  3. Cultivate a respectful learning environment so that students will be more comfortable having their cameras on. Try some community-building activities such as icebreakers to build relationships with students. 
  4. Employ activities or games that will prompt students to use their cameras.  
  5. Encourage the use of Zoom virtual backgrounds; some students may be resistant to using their camera because of their home environment. 
  6. Use the "Ask to Start Video" option in Zoom. As the host, you can invite students to turn on their cameras.  

See also Oregon State University's list of the pros and cons of requiring students to turn on their cameras during live sessions.