Technology is part of our everyday lives, and with it comes both benefits and risks.

Cybersecurity and information security are very high priorities at Stevens. We work to keep the university’s systems and information safe, while simultaneously keeping our users safe while they use technology. Information Technology is charged with the development and execution of Stevens’ cybersecurity and information security strategy, corresponding systems, preemptive audits, user awareness programs, and support services.

Some of the overarching concerns in the area of cybersecurity and information security include:

  • Maintaining privacy and confidentiality – keeping matters that are private and confidential known only to authorized parties
  • Promoting safe computing, so that users can utilize their technology safely and confidently
  • Ensuring data integrity so that data and corresponding information is accurate and dependable
  • Maintaining system, network, and information availability so that all aspects of our institution can function as needed and intended.

Users are an essential part of this process
By maintaining awareness of threats, vulnerabilities, and responsibilities, you help to protect Stevens as well as yourself. 

If you have questions or need assistance, call the User Support Services at 201-216-5500 or visit

During the current period of remote operations, please use the following number for IT support:
(201) 380-6599