Stevens is committed to providing a fair and competitive staff compensation program to support the University’s mission to foster a culture of “excellence in all we do” and to attract, retain and reward outstanding staff who add to the intellectual vibrancy of our campus and help to propel the university to higher levels of achievement.

The guiding principles of the Stevens Staff Compensation Program are:

  • The program will be fully aligned with the goals of Stevens' strategic plan, The Future. Ours to Create. , and the values it embodies.
  • The program will reward employee performance which advances the university toward higher levels of excellence and distinction, in accordance with the priorities set for in the Strategic Plan and consistent with the institution’s goals.
  • The program will guide decision-making in a manner that supports Stevens in providing compensation, on a total remuneration basis, which maintains Stevens’ standing within its peer group of universities.

What is Total Remuneration?

Total remuneration is the sum of all cash compensation and all benefits an employee receives and includes:

  • Base Salary (includes merit increase, special adjustments, etc.)
  • Incentive awards
  • Other cash compensation (may include administrative and research stipends, teaching stipends and other payments)
  • For full-time employees, normally includes health insurance, retirement plan, tuition assistance and other benefits

Stevens seeks to provide every employee a competitive level of compensation that reflects his or her individual contributions to the university’s mission and attainment of goals. Our Staff Compensation Program allows us to reward you for your individual performance, because merit pay is linked to performance. It also strives to provide pay that is competitive with the marketplace and equitable within the University. Click on the following button to learn more about the Stevens Compensation Program Guide.

Staff Compensation Program Guide

Salary Band Structure

Band  Minimum  Maximum
 11 $133,500  $220,000
 10 $107,000  $176,500
 9 $85,000  $141,000
 8 $68,500   $113,000
 $57,000 $94,000 
 6 $47,500   $78,500
 5 $40,500   $65,000
 4 $35,000   $56,000
 3 $30,500   $49,000
 $26,500  $42,500
 1 $23,000   $37,000

How to Find My Salary Grade

Here is helpful information to understand how salaries are positioned within the salary range:

- New to job and field, has little or no direct related prior experience  - Will perform some/most job responsibilities effectively - Will perform all aspects of job effectively and independently - Expert in all job criteria
- On steep learning curve, both building skills and knowledge as well as ability to handle job responsibilities - Possesses all/most of the base knowledge and skill requirements, but may need to build upon them through experience - Experienced in the job and possesses required knowledge and skills - Has broad and deep knowledge of own area as well as related areas
  - May still be learning some aspects of job or developing expertise to handle them more - Exhibits desired competencies to perform job successfully - Depth and breadth of experience in the job, specialized skills and significant value
    - Seasoned and proficient at building job responsibilities - Will serve as expert resources and/or role model/mentor to others in similar jobs or to others

Merit Increases

When evaluating your salary within the range, managers are advised to consider:

  • Performance
  • Depth and breadth of knowledge for subject area as well as related areas
  • Depth and breadth of experience in the job, specialized skills and significant value
  • Ability to serve as an expert resource and serve as a role model to others in similar jobs or areas

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