There has never been a better time to ride a bicycle on or to the Stevens campus. With enhanced infrastructure, the impending arrival of Citi Bike, covered bicycle parking, and planned improvements, Stevens has shown a renewed commitment to biking.

Bicycle Parking

There are many places for bicyclists to park their bikes at Stevens. Babbio Center Garage has 60 covered bike racks and there are racks outside the following campus buildings (though construction may cause the temporary loss of some racks):

  • Gateway Academic Building
  • Burchard Building
  • McLean Hall
  • Castle Point Hall
  • Morton-Peirce-Kidde
  • Davis Hall
  • Palmer Hall
  • Hayden Hall
  • River Terrace Suites
  • Howe Center
  • Schaefer Athletic Center
  • Humphreys Hall
  • Edwin A. Stevens Hall
  • Jonas Hall
  • Theta Xi